Practitioner Training in Logosynthesis

Feedback from a participant in one of our Logosynthesis level I workshops:

I feel like a kid who's gotten a new bike and wants to go out and ride it!


Professional counsellors, coaches and psychotherapists are eligible for Logosynthesis training. This 12 day training programme now consists of the following parts:

  • Logosynthesis Basic: Introductory training in Logosynthesis
  • Logosynthesis Live: A teaching seminar with the help of personal work
  • Advanced training on neutralising disturbing memories and fantasies, working through negative emotions, and processing limiting beliefs.

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We have now created Skype training in Logosynthesis, for those professionals who don't have the option to visit 12 seminar days in groups. This Skype training can be combined with regular seminars. Contact us for the details!

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